Best Posture Corrector for Men and Women (Complete Guide!)


You probably already know that slouching leads to back pain, but were you aware it can bring your mood down too? Bad posture has a wide-reaching impact on health and negatively affects the body in unexpected ways.

That tension headache that interrupts your workday–it could be caused by incorrect spinal alignment. And that pot belly that wears on your confidence? It might finally disappear if you switch to an upright posture. 

Truthfully, sitting or standing with bad posture is a tough habit to break. But you’ll pay a heavy price with your health if you allow poor posture to continue unchecked. 


Why Does Good Posture Matter?

We are all affected by posture, both physically and mentally. Imagine what the perfect posture could bring into your life: less pain, fewer medical visits, a better mood–the list goes on. 

Living a life free of the symptoms of bad posture can vastly improve your quality of life. What do you value the most? Without poor posture, you’ll have additional time and energy to devote to the things you love.

How Posture Affects Your Health and Wellbeing

Most of us don’t realize how bad our posture is until we put on a back straightener for the first time. The change is dramatic.  Research completed by the BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders Journal shows that by simply becoming mindful of our posture, we can develop healthier spinal alignment along with less shoulder and spinal pain. 

Even mood and mental wellbeing are connected to posture. This recent study exploring the link between mood regulation and slouching found that participants with poor posture and a low mood struggled to improve their frame of mind. But participants holding a straight posture moved past their negative emotions more effectively. 


Healthy spinal alignment is the foundation of wellbeing. With both physical and mental health on the line, it becomes clear that good posture is part of a healthy lifestyle. 

What Is the Best Posture Corrector?

While becoming aware of your posture is the first step, most people need help retraining their muscle memory. Studies show that the best way to do this is through physical reminders, as these are less disruptive to your day than constant reminder alarms or relying on smart apps.


That’s why the Truweo Posture Corrector has captured our attention. There are many back braces available on the market, but this one really takes the cake. Here’s why:

With perforated straps of breathable fabric, sweat won’t be building up.

To ensure durability, the Truweo is reinforced with neoprene and a seatbelt-grade material.

It’s washable (but don’t put it in the drying machine).

The low profile design looks good. You’ll be able to wear it in public without feeling self conscious.

You can wear the Truweo under clothing because the fabric is soft enough to prevent chafing of the skin.

Out of over 14,000 reviews from across multiple sites, most customers have shared positive feedback.

It reduces back and spinal discomfort, visibly improves posture and prevents slouching during workouts.

It may take a few days to get used to wearing, but the Truweo is comfortable and wearing it eventually becames second nature.

If your Truweo doesn’t fit or you receive a faulty product, full refunds or exchanges are accomodated. 

The Truweo is a quality product tested in real life by thousands of wearers. Comfortable, effective and a decent price, it checks off all the boxes. 

Article Outline 

The remainder of this article will examine the basics of posture, like how it works and why it matters. You’ll have the opportunity to hear about posture support options and will learn the essential steps to follow to achieve good posture. Additional topics we’ll cover include:

Can Posture Be Retrained?

How Does a Posture Corrector Work?

When Not to Use Your Posture Corrector

How Long Does It Take a Posture Corrector to Work? Are the Results Permanent?

How Posture Works

Posture is supported by two separate skeletomuscular fibers: static fibers and phasic fibers. The body relies on static muscle fibers to keep itself upright for extended durations of time. Phasic fibers, on the other hand, are used for short bursts of movement. 

Static fibers work by sensing your body’s position and communicating it to the brain. They keep the body balanced using minimal amounts of energy. But poor posture is more difficult for the muscles to hold than a natural spinal alignment, so the phasic fibers must be activated for extra support. 

Unfortunately, phasic fibers require a lot of energy to function–they’re only meant for short-term activities, not holding posture all day long. As a result, your muscles will easily develop fatigue.


Can Posture Be Retrained?

Posture can be improved by retraining the skeletal muscles. Commit a minimum of 14 days to posture retraining–though 30 is recommended–in order to secure long-lasting results. 

How Does a Posture Corrector Work?

A posture corrector retrains muscle memory by holding the shoulders and chest in the optimal position for healthy spinal alignment. By wearing the posture brace for 14 to 30 days, a minimum of 15 minutes per day, the muscles relearn how to hold the body upright.

Most back braces are worn like a backpack, with shoulder straps that can be adjusted. A reinforced backpiece will rest against the spine to gently hold the back straight.


When Not to Use Your Posture Corrector

A back straightener is not suitable for wear during all activities. Remove your posture brace:

-While sleeping.

-Showering, bathing or swimming.

-For activities that require a lot of stretching or lifting the arms above the head.

-See a doctor immediately if your poor posture is accompanied by shooting pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs. 

-If you have a diagnosis such as spinal stenosis, only wear the medical brace your doctor provided.

How Long Does It Take a Posture Corrector to Work? Are the Results Permanent?

You’ll notice your posture corrector working immediately. Your posture will visibly improve, you may experience an uplifted mood and your back pain will begin to fade.

To secure permanent results from your brace, the key is to wear it for the recommended amount of time. This gives your static fibers the chance to build up strength again and creates new muscle memory based off of better posture.

After this period of posture retraining, you only need to wear your back straightener occasionally to check up on your posture. 

How Is the Truweo Posture Corrector Different From Other Posture Products?


The Truweo Posture Corrector outranks other posture products with its level of comfort, customer approval and effectiveness. Unlike back braces with a metal support running along the wearer’s back, the Truweo uses pressure and a flexible back piece to encourage a straight upper body. This makes it easier to wear the brace during activities such as weightlifting or running.

Even reviewers who were not happy with their brace expressed satisfaction with the customer service, as they were either sent a brand new product or provided with a refund. 

The Truweo: A Top Posture Corrector That Works

The Truweo does what it promises. Back pain is reduced and your posture is improved. But what makes the Truweo stand out is its ease of use and comfort level. Wearers are able to fully retrain their posture because the Truweo is well tolerated for daily wear.

The Truweo Posture Corrector is FDA approved, too. This brace is for you if:

-You have sensitive skin; the materials are latex free.

-You sweat often. With washable, breathable fabric and sturdy woven underarm adjustors, this brace can withstand a daily wear and wash. 

-Seeing an immediate improvement to your posture is a top priority.

-Back, neck or shoulder pain have lowered your quality of life.

-You want a posture corrector that looks good enough to wear daily.

-You struggle with slouching at work, while driving or at the gym.

-Comfort is just as important to you as effectiveness.

The Top Runner-Up Posture Correctors 

Let’s take a look at a couple of other back straighteners which made our “honorable mentions” list. Although they do have positive traits, they don’t quite trump the Truweo.


Runner-Up #1: The Donnie Thompson Casual Bowtie

The Casual Bowtie is made of sturdy elastic rather than adjustable shoulder straps like the Truweo. The elastic makes it a nice option for weightlifters.

Over time, as your back brace improves your posture, you’ll need to tighten the straps more and more. While the Casual Bowtie design is ultra simple to put on, you cannot tighten the shoulder straps. The only way to achieve a tighter fit is to purchase a new Casual Bowtie brace in a smaller size. 


Runner-Up #2: The Posture Corrector-Pro

The Corrector-Pro is very similar to the Truweo. So similar, that we’re not sure why it is retailing for a higher price, upwards of $89.00. It does come in four separate sizes, which is a nice option. But unless the Truweo size range of 30” to 43” won’t fit you, the Corrector-Pro isn’t worth the price hike.

The Advantages of Better Posture

Better posture equates to a better life. It means less pain and more energy. It means better physical and mental health. 

In addition to the immediate benefits of appearing taller and more confident, good posture has long-term health advantages, too. It can prevent inflammation in the joints, improve circulation to the digestive system and can reduce the frequency of headaches.


How to Buy and Use a Posture Corrector

  1. Before you begin shopping for a back brace, take your chest measurement. Wrap a measuring tape around the widest portion of your chest and all the way around your torso by passing the tape under your arms and across your back. Record your measurement in inches.
  2. Look online for a posture corrector that has already been tested by customers and has received positive feedback (we suggest the Truweo Posture Corrector).
  3. Once you’ve found a brace in your size range that checks off all the boxes, take the first step in your posture retraining journey and place your order.
  4. You can customize your Truweo as soon as it arrives. Flip it over so the Truweo logo faces upwards; the velcro height adjuster is directly below this. Move the adjuster up high if you have a short torso, or down lower if you have a long torso.
  5. Slightly loosen each of the shoulder straps and put the brace on like a backpack. The logo should be at the back, facing outwards.
  6. Gently tug upwards on the velcro tabs of the shoulder bands until the brace feels snug. Then press the velcro tabs onto the shoulder straps to hold them in place.
  7. Begin your posture retraining by wearing the brace 15 minutes per day, increasing that time by 15 minutes every of couple days. Work your way up to two hours per day.
  8. Continue this routine for 14 to 30 days to allow enough time for new muscle memory to form. 

Better Posture with the Truweo Top Posture Corrector 

Changing your posture won’t happen overnight, but by putting in the time to learn good posture, your body and mind will thank you. The Truweo Posture Corrector can be the support you need as you work towards a better posture. Your posture is worth investing in because your health is worth investing in.