Best Posture Corrector for Men and Women (Complete Guide!)

Ideal Word Count: 1,800 (plus or minus a few words)

Article Goals (in this order)

  • #1 Recommend a Posture Corrector to Purchase Immediately
  • #2 Explain How Posture Correctors Work and How to Use Them

Notes about formatting and keywords and whatnot

  • No keyword stuffing. We handle the search engine algorithms in a later step after you finish this article. Please just write for human readers.
  • No Pictures. We will add those later.
  • No formatting required. If you want, you can make a new line and bold the section heading for a new section. We will add h-tags, italics, etc…)
  • No copy-pasting content from anywhere else. We need 100% unique content. Don’t even copy content from this site. 100% unique.

Outline (First Draft, you can change this)

  • Pain points of bad posture. What’s the reader’s primary problem? Bad slouch? Back Pain? Looking weak to others? Really bring out the pain points.
  • Solution. How would the reader feel with perfect posture? Talk about this emotionally and get in depth.
  • Scientific studies showing how posture can improve other areas of physical/mental health. There are a few of these studies floating around.
  • Show the Best Posture Corrector people can buy now (list 1 posture corrector. People don’t need to see 10 of these products. Please do your research and find the best one for readers.)
  • Outline of the Article (what you will cover below)
  • How Posture Works
  • Can Posture be trained/re-trained? If so, how long does it take?
  • How does a Posture Corrector Work?
  • When should you not use a Posture Corrector
  • How Long does a Posture Corrector Take to work? Do you need to wear it after that, or are results permanent?
  • What makes the Best Posture Corrector you’ve found different from other posture corrector products
  • (Repeat of above) Show the Top Posture Corrector people can buy now. This should be the same product as above.
  • Show 2 runner-up posture correctors that didn’t make the #1 listing. Tell why they weren’t #1.
  • Advantages of better posture. Again talk about the emotions of having bad posture, vs having perfect posture.
  • Step-By-Step Instructions for people to buy and use a posture corrector. This is everything, from choosing one to using it.
  • (Repeat of above) Show the Top Posture Corrector people can buy now. This should be the same product as above.